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Ikar V’Tofel Chart

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What bracha do you make on a fruit cup that has both peaches (ha'eitz) and pineapple (ha'adamah)? What bracha do you make on chicken soup with noodles? Is it just Shehakol? Mezonos? Or perhaps both? Halacha tells us that whenever we eat two (or more) foods together that have different brachos, we must determine which food

Shofar Poster and Bookmark

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Chazal teach us that on Rosh Hashana, the most important thing to focus on is Kabbalas Ol Malchus Shamayim -- We must dedicate ourselves to revealing Hashem's Kingship in this world. The way to do that is by committing ourselves to try our best to fulfill Hashem's Will. When we focus on this aspiration during shofar blowing,

Responding to the Chazzan Before Completing Your Personal Shemoneh Esrei

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Are you allowed to answer "Amen" to Kaddish or Kedushah, if you are still in the middle of your own Shemoneh Esrei? This chart outlines when you are, and are not allowed to respond to the chazzan before completing your personal Shemoneh Esrei.

Birchos HaShachar Bookmarks

Download pre-designed cards in any format: Birchos HaShachar Bookmarks (MEN) Birchos HaShachar Bookmarks (WOMEN) Birchos HaShachar Page with Explanations (MEN) Birchos HaShachar Page with Explanations (WOMEN) ...Or create your own! Create Your Own Birchos HaShachar Bookmarks (MEN) Create Your Own Birchos HaShachar Bookmarks (WOMEN) Create Your Own Birchos HaShachar Page with Explanations (MEN) Create Your Own Birchos HaShachar

Tevilas Keilim – Learning, Animations, and Games

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Learn the halachos of Tevilas Keilim through animations, games, and interactive graphics! This Tevilas Keilim Learning Program was developed under the guidance of Rabbi Chaim Loike, Rabbinic Coordinator at OU Kashrut. Download the full Tevilas Keilim learning program to find out: What is the source for tevilas keilim in the Torah? What kind of items

Morning Brachos and Routine Cards

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Did you know that many poskim hold that Birchos HaTorah must be recited BEFORE Ma Tovu and Reishis Chochma? Did you know that it's preferable to say Elokai Neshama right after Asher Yatzar? This Morning Tefillos/Brachos/Routine card is meant to assist those who wish to follow the preferred order of saying brachos, tefillos, and washing Netilas Yadayim in the morning. Although this is the recommended order, some parts of this procedure are not the strict halachah, but rather recommended. It is still possible to follow all halachos if you do your morning routine in a different order. Please consult with your own Rav for guidance in this matter.