Hakhel Resources – includes Tefillah aids and Kavannah cards, insights to Torah and mitzvos, halachah guidelines, and more.

Chinuch.org – offers thousands of great lesson plans and educational resources. (A division of Torah UMesorah)

Aleph Beta Academy – animated videos to explain the deeper meanings behind Torah, mitzvos, parshah, and holidays.

NCSY Education – offers all sorts of educational materials, including infographics, text-based sessions, and activities to do with teens.

Monthly Tefillah Newsletter – Each month focuses on a different aspect of tefillah and includes easy-to-understand Torah, stories, and interesting ideas. Hundreds of Rebbes and Morahs receive it and distribute it to their classes and use it as a springboard for discussion. Email editorcstefillo@gmail.com to sign up to receive it each month

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