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What’s Included:

Volume 1

Hakaras HaTov (Gratitude)

  1. Expressing Gratitude to People
  2. Tracing Back to the Source
  3. Even Without Intent
  4. Paying it Back
  5. Begin a Gratitude Journal

Simcha (Happiness)

  1. Focusing on What You Have
  2. The Ultimate Joy: Acquiring Eternity
  3. Being Happy with Yourself
  4. Verbalizing Your Happiness
  5. Flipping Bad into Good (V’Nahafoch Hu)
  6. Exercising Self-Control
  7. Spreading Happiness to Others
  8. Smile at Yourself!

Emunah (Belief)

  1. Hashem Can Do ANYTHING!
  2. Hashem is Involved in My Life
  3. My Own Power
  4. Speaking Words of Emunah

Bitachon (Trust)

  1. Seeing Through the Illusion of Nature
  2. Do People Have Any Power?
  3. Filling Up Your Cup of Hishtadlus
  4. It’s All for the Best
  5. Say It’s in Hashem’s Control

Anavah (Humility)

  1. Giving Credit Where Credit is Due
  2. Seeing the Greatness in Other People
  3. Realizing There’s Always More Room to Grow
  4. Daily Act of Humility

Volume 2

Chessed (Kindness)

  1. The Ultimate Way to Emulate Hashem
  2. Hidden Chessed: Being a True Giver
  3. Seeking Out Opportunities to Give
  4. No Chessed is Ever Too Small

Zrizus (Alacrity)

  1. Overcoming Your Earthy Nature
  2. Finding Out What Hashem Wants
  3. Saving Yourself from Egypt

Zehirus (Carefulness)

  1. Keeping Your Eyes Open
  2. Using Clarity to Defeat the Yetzer Hara
  3. What Will Everyone Think of Me?
  4. Does it Really Matter?

Ta’avah (Temptations)

  1. Lies and Illusions
  2. I’m Not Your Slave
  3. Inside-Out (V’Nahafoch Hu!)
  4. Delaying the Yetzer Hara

Emes (Truth)

  1. Being True and Trustworthy
  2. Being True to Yourself
  3. Hashem is the Only Emes
  4. Hearing the Emes

Volume 3

Shtikah (Silence)

  1. The Power to Create or Destroy
  2. Think Before You Speak
  3. Needing to Prove Ourselves
  4. Emulating Hashem’s Incredible Silence

Ka’as (Anger)

  1. Tone of Voice
  2. Understanding a Different Perspective
  3. It’s All from Hashem

Kinah (Jealousy)

  1. What You Need and What I Need
  2. Hashem Takes Care of Me
  3. Being Happy for Others
  4. Unity: When We Are One

Kavod (Respect)

  1. You Matter
  2. Can You See My Crown?
  3. The Power of a Smile
  4. Seeing Your Potential

Menuchas HaNefesh (Calm)

  1. Focusing on the Present
  2. Shabbos Menucha
  3. Calm and Content
  4. A Brief Review

Kiddush Hashem (Honoring G-d)

  1. What’s Missing?
  2. Your Personal Kiddush Hashem
  3. For Your Eyes Only
  4. What a Nice Jew!

Ahavas Hashem (Loving G-d)

  1. Noticing the Gifts
  2. Connecting to Our Source
  3. Giving Up for Those You Love
  4. What Would You Like?

Holidays: Part II

Elul: Teshuva

  1. Cheshbon HaNefesh: What Will I Gain?
  2. Doing it Differently
  3. Rectifying with the Same Limb
  4. “Breaking” Your Heart for Hashem

Elul: Kabbalas Ol Malchus Shamayim

  1. Crowning Hashem as Our King
  2. Shema: Recognizing the Oneness of Hashem
  3. We Need YOU!
  4. Crowning Hashem with Joy

Preparing for the Yamim Noraim

  1. Rosh Hashana: Focusing on the Future
  2. Tzom Gedalia: Building Fences
  3. Yom Kippur: Emulating Hashem’s 13 Middos of Mercy
  4. Yom Kippur: A Cry for Help
  5. Sukkos: Connecting to Hashem Through the Basics of Life
  6. Hoshana Rabbah: Aravos: The Power of the Mouth
  7. Shemini Atzeres: Dveikus Through Torah


  1. Hashem Can Do Anything
  2. Renwed Commitment

Tu Bishvat

  1. Doing CHEW-vah Mei’Ahavah
  2. What Are the Trees Saying?

Purim and Adar

  1. Rosh Chodesh Adar: Smile At Yourself!
  2. The Fast of Taanis Esther
  3. Purim Katan: Together, We Are One
  4. (See Chapter 2: Simcha)
  5. (See Chapter 9: Ta’avah)


  1. (See Chapter 3: Emunah)
  2. (See Chapter 7: Zrizus)

Holidays: Part II

Shavuos: Appreciating Torah

  1. The Blueprint of Creation
  2. My Personal Life
  3. Supporting the Entire Universe
  4. Grabbing on to the Tree of Life
  5. It’s Happening Right Now

The Three Weeks: Combating Sinas Chinam

  1. Focusing on Unity
  2. Understanding the Root of Jelousy
  3. Dan L’Kaf Zechus: Judging Favorably
  4. Every Jew is Loved by Hashem

The Three Weeks: Galus and Geulah

  1. Learning to Be a Giver
  2. Separate from the Nations
  3. Can You See Me?
  4. Davening for the Geulah

Special Days

  1. 11 Chesvan: The Silence of Rachel Imeinu
  2. 7 Adar: How Can You Emulate Moshe Rabbeinu
  3. Lag Ba’Omer: A Lesson in Bitachon
  4. 17 Tammuz: Why Are We Fasting?

Weekly Torah Questions and Questions to Ponder are perfect for sparking interesting discussions at your Shabbos table!

What readers are saying…

Thank you for your tremendous work! These emails are impressive, inspiring and full of content! I am so appreciative to have these beautiful words come to my inbox every week.


Excellent middos email. My husband and I read it together and did the trivia, it was great.


I want to wish you a tremendous Yasher Koach! This project is exceptional. The content is superb and it makes Yiddishkeit alive and easy to access… Before Rosh Hashana, I asked that one of my classes in Seminary sign up for this email. This week, I was teaching about a certain topic, and a girl noted that this was mentioned in the Middos emails! I was so impressed that she not only read it, but integrated it! Yasher Koach for all of your great work.

Rebbetzin Shira Smiles, Israel

Wow. This is great. I love this week’s email! I’m so glad I’m a sponsor 😉


I love Middos Challenges. We read it and discuss it at our Shabbos table – it’s beautiful. We don’t need to get points for it to have a wonderful impact on our family! Thank you!


I really wanted to thank you and marvel at the unbelievable program that you are running. [My son is participating, too, and] it’s great when I hear him thanking me for the opportunity to help at home because it will “bring him so much s’char in the world-to-come”!


Just wanted to express my thanks for your emails. I just left (outgrew) the Bais Yaakov system and started working, and the emails are a great way to add more ruchniyus into my week. I especially appreciate the weekly challenges and the examples given – I find that they are very practical and relevant to daily life. Thanks again!


Hi! I just wanted to thank you for these beautiful emails! Today is Taanis Esther and I’m fasting. I’m in college and sometimes you can forget the meaning behind everything while being so busy with all the technicalities…. But Middos Challenges really keeps me focused and gives me a beautiful deep perspective on everything!


Right after I read this email about Zrizus, my mother asked me to do something for her, and because of you, I decided to use Zrizus to do it right away even though my yetzer hara was making me feel not in the mood to do it. So tizku lmitzvos!!! Thanks for all your inspiration 🙂


I think there is a certain chizuk in being part of a large group of people working on the same middah. [Even though] we don’t talk to each other… there’s the poem and picture part of it [i.e. the Creativity Challenges] from which I hear how others take the lessons and apply it. Although I don’t keep track of the challenges when I do them, it’s interesting how seeing how much others do them makes me want to do it more.


This is the only email list I am signed up for, because it is so great!


I would like to share with you a comment that my 8 year old son made. He said: “You know, Mommy, if more women everywhere did Middos Challenges, Moshiach would come already!” He, too, sees the beauty and value in working on ourselves and growing….


I look forward to the emails each week because I can really feel a difference in my behavior, my avodas Hashem and the way I look at the world because of them.


Just wanted to let you know that because of this week’s email about the power of Silence, I was able just now to avoid an argument. A person close to me called me to give me mussar about something and instead of arguing, defending, or explaining, I kept saying, ‘OK… OK… OK…’ and I was mekabel (accepted it). I’m still not sure I agree with her, but silence and shalom (peace) were worth more than being right. Thank you!


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