Middos Contest for Schools

Give your students the chance to win a prize in our monthly school raffle!

Every class gets to choose which middah they want to focus on each month.

All students who do their class’s challenge for at least 5 days during the month will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win a prize!

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Suggested Middos Challenges

Pick one person in your life who you usually get angry at (mother, brother, sister, etc.) and pick 2 hours each day when you will make sure not to yell at them.

Keep a piece of paper or notebook and write down something good you see in another person every day – a nice character trait or something nice they did.

Every day, do an act of chessed to help another person.
Every day, do a hidden act of chessed.
Every day, before helping another person, say or whisper to yourself: “I am doing this chessed because Hashem does chessed.”

For the whole day, make sure not to say anything that is untrue, inaccurate, or exaggerated.

Every day, say “Thank you” to someone who helped you.
Every day, say “Thank you Hashem for ____” out loud.

Every day, compliment another person (to show that you realize everyone is great in a their own way).

Before doing a mitzvah, say: “I am doing this mitzvah because I recognize that Hashem is my King.”

For the whole day, don’t say any words that are not refined.

Pick 1 hour every day to be extra careful not to speak lashon hara.

Every day, tell another person something that you feel happy about (ex. “I am so happy that it’s not raining today!”).

Every day, smile while you are doing a mitzvah (ex. while washing netilas yadayim).

Before doing a mitzvah, say, “I am so happy to do this mitzvah because it will help me earn reward in Olam Haba.”

Every day, smile at another person.

Once a day, while eating something, leave over just a bit of food on your plate.

Every day, ask Hashem to help you with something, in your own words.

Every day, be careful to do a mitzvah properly (ex. washing netilas yadayim properly, saying a brachah clearly, etc.)

Every day, do a mitzvah with Zrizus (ex. if your mother asks for help – do it right away).

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